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Geodata Consulting Geodata Consulting
Geodata Consulting
  • <p1>Business Consultancy</p1></br> Bids Analytics and cost management
  • <p1>Operational Support</p1></br> Efficient Operstional Support
  • <p1>Project Management</p1></br> Integrated Project Management
  • <p1>Agency</p1></br> Best Business Solutions
  • <p1>Subcontracting</p1></br> Locate it right
Geodata Consulting
Geodata Consulting

Geodata Consulting Company Profile

Incorporated in 2003 for taking oil exploration industry to next level in India, Geodata Consulting offers  consultancy and supporting services to companies engaged in Oil Field Services in the country. This includes Consultancy and supporting services for Seismic data acquisition and Deep Drilling.

At Geodata Consulting, we are dedicated to providing you with world-class consultancy services. We help with support and consultation to any foreign company working in India within the oil and gas industry.

We offer our services starting from bidding procedure till project completion either as a trusted agent or local representative.

Our Vision
Our main goal in offering our expertise to foreign companies is to deliver outstanding and committed values, and always take interest in enjoying a long term relationship with our clients.

We are seriously committed to working hard on your projects with our team of qualified professionals, who  support and control the smooth functioning of clients' project, either in full as operational support or in part as project Management; in accordance with your requirement.

Why Us?
We are providing a complete business solution facilitating you to operate independently; a unique business solution, which none of our competitors offers.

In current market, either you have a option to collaborate with an local agent who will not provide the supporting services or you have to collaborate with the local companies as joint ventures, where you have certain obligations towards such ventures.

On Third front Geodata consulting offers a new system of cooperation. A crystal clear and transparent three stages complete Business solution, enables you to chose for respective services according to your interest, budget and  requirement.

If your company is looking to expand business to India, you need our expert team at Geodata Consulting!

Don't let your project fail due to an inefficient consultancy firm with limited knowledge! Let the excellent team at Geodata Consulting take care of your project, and ensure it reaches its full potential.

Geodata Consulting Geodata Consulting
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