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We are one of the top and experienced bidders in the industry on which foreign companies have relied upon for almost a decade. On behalf of our customers we have participated in uncountable numbers of bids over the years in tender invitations by public and private companies in the country.

We have good experience in the bidding process, with private and public sector companies in India. There are procedures in place to purchase the bid on your behalf, and have it sent to your address if requested. We can guide and advise you during the entire bidding process, as well as scouting the area on your behalf and submitting a detailed report to facilitate your bid.

Not just that, we can also provide commercial estimations, bid preparation documents as well as assisting during the bid evaluation stage. Our package includes but not limited to the following provisions.

  • Bid Purchase and submission on customer’s behalf.
  • EMD (Bank Guarantee) follow-up so that it reaches within the schedule.
  • Market Intelligence Report (participating competitors, expected rates etc.)
  • Bid overview and recommendations/suggestions.
  • Commercial estimations/ Price recommendations.
  • Area Scouting and security issues.
  • Local Subcontractor Recommendations.
  • And many more.

Project Office Establishment - We have been working as an expert consultant, guide and support in the industry to project office establishment for our customers covering all the legal entity, including suitable bank account and local accountancy ........................... Read More

Geodata Consulting Geodata Consulting
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