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Geodata ConsultingOperational Support

Besides our Managerial Services, we as well offer the operational support services. In addition to the management of the project, operational support includes the production responsibility. We can arrange for you the local Technical Experts with full knowledge of local operational specificities. This helps in utilizing the local potential to upgrade the quality and the production rate.

Although you may deploy your own experts as key personnel, the local expertise will always assist in the production procedure. Local expertise, being well aware of the local challenges like environment, specificity and logistics, is defiantly helpful in executing the project smoothly and peacefully.

Our Operational Supporting Services covers the following facilities:

  • Project planning.
  • Budget estimations.
  • Arrangement of local experts/specialist (e.g. Part chief, Geophysicist, QC etc., helps in saving on crew cost, since locally recruited specialists will be cheaper).
  • Local Project Manager (responsible for Production).
  • Crew maintenance.
  • Day to day affairs.
  • And many more……

In short total project handling with responsibility of production process considering commercial and economical aspects, Subject To Client’s Timely Support; Technical and Financial Both.

Project Management - We offer a complete management solution for project supporting services during entire execution, with full managerial responsibility but without interference in production process. Our services starts at the issuance of Letter of Award to you by the block owners and continues during entire project till its completion ..........Read more

Project Subcontracting – In addition to our Managerial and operational support services, We as well offer the facility to operate the project through us. With Operational support our role would be to locate the local potential for you, on your pay-role; whereas in case of subcontracting the local Technical experts will be deployed by us and all relevant responsibilities and expenses will be on us. ..........Read more

Geodata Consulting Geodata Consulting
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