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Geodata ConsultingProject Management

We offer a complete management solution for project supporting services during entire execution, with full managerial responsibility but without interference in production process. Our services starts at the issuance of Letter of Award to you by the block owners and continues during entire project till its completion.

We offer the Management of entire project starting from LOA stage till Project Completion and post project completion procedures till final clearances. All the required documents are collected and pursued for the duty free import of your equipments and mobilization of personal.

After receiving the EC, the required documents for duty free import from respective Government authorities, Shipping agents are arranged for the mobilization of your equipments. Simultaneously local subcontractors are arranged to handle the local requirements and labourer.

After the complete mobilization, once the project starts we continue with our supporting services in day to day affairs of the project without interfering in the production process. Thus during entire project and after its completion our services are limited to the managerial part for the project, as reflected below.

Subsequently after completion of the project, our managerial services continue till all final clearances; such as Project Report Submission, Demobilization, clearance of final invoices and Bank Guarantees. Some of the key features of our services for entire project are listed below:

  • PBG Follow-Up (Performance Bank Guarantee essential for sighing of contract
  • EC arrangements (Essential certificate for duty Free imports).
  • Mobilization (People/equipment, custom clearance, local logistics etc).
  • Local and International Procurement.
  • Invoices and payments.
  • Banking structure for crew funding.
  • Local subcontractor pursuance.
  • Security and political issues.
  • Demobilization (crew/equipment, customs, local logistics etc.).
  • Project wind up.
  • Last Invoices follow-up.
  • PBG pursuance (after 13 months of project completion).
  • ..........and many more.

In a nutshell, total responsibility for complete solutions of project supporting services, without interference in production process.

Operational Support –
Besides our Managerial Services, we as well offer the operational support services. In addition to the management of the project, operational support includes the production responsibility. We can arrange for you the local Technical Experts with full knowledge of local operational specificities. ...............Read more

Project Subcontracting – In addition to our Managerial and operational support services, We as well offer the facility to operate the project through us. With Operational support our role would be to locate the local potential for you, on your pay-role; whereas in case of subcontracting the local Technical experts will be deployed by us and all relevant responsibilities and expenses will be on us. ...............Read more

Geodata Consulting Geodata Consulting
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