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Geodata Consulting
Geodata Consulting

Geodata Consulting Services

At Geodata Consulting, we offer a range of services to aid the expansion of your business to India. With 10 years extensive experience, we will ensure you receive the best and most comprehensive consultancy services.

We offer complete solution for a Foreign Company willing to establish themselves in India. Our Complete Business Solution is divided in three parts, where client has an option to chose from our respective services according to their interest, budget and requirement. We Serve on Different Stages, broadly divided into Three parts, namely:

  • Business Consultancy
  • Ventures
  • Business Promotion

All three are independent and can be commercially Compensated respectively.

Business Consultancy
We help with support and consultation to any foreign company working in India within the oil and gas industry. Be it the consultancy for participating in tenders or for establishment of your project, you can be sure that your project is in the right hands and your have selected the right partners .......... Read More

Subsequent to our Bids and Contracts support and attaining of the job, we offer a complete solution to facilitate the execution of your projects in India. We support you with all the required guidance for successful completion of project and can also support you in the operations. .......... Read More

Business Promotion
Geodata Consulting works with international companies looking to expand their market into the Oil & Gas, Power and Infrastructure Projects in India. We Offer a wide range of consultancy and supporting services facilitating to expand your market to India.

Whether your product is Industry related equipment/software or Services, we can assist you in entering Indian Market and establishing yourself locally. We ensure your brand reaches the targeted client. .......... Read More

Geodata Consulting Geodata Consulting
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